About us

I would like to introduce you to our company Jurado Pest Control. This is a family-owned, full-service pest control company including Lawn and ornamental pest control & General household pest control and rodent control, animal trapping, and bed bug control. Jurado pest Control has been providing residential and commercial pest control services to greater South Florida since 2005. A 24-hour Emergency Response System is in effect, service is provided by a trained, uniformed technician, and supervisory support is provided, technicians at Jurado Pest Control combine extensive training with the latest technologies to address a variety of pest issues while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns.

Jurado Pest Control provides a wide range of services such as rat extermination & removal, professional cleaning services of rat’s droppings and nesting materials.

Jurado Pest Control, we build strong and trusted relationships with the clients that we work with and for. We have worked closely with our customers to help ensure a positive outcome and extraordinary customer service. Through our endless fine-tuning of our current services, to the development of new ones, Jurado Pest Control strives to be one of your most valued partners. We have found that a personal relationship with our customers is the true way to grow a successful service business, and the attention to the details of an individual’s personal needs is priceless.

Call pest inspectors for free & pest control services before it’s too late.

The damage caused to Floridians homes & businesses because of lack of adequate pest control, amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Without pest control services, these little nastiest can cause building damage, spread disease & even put people into financial ruin.

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The good news is that there is a simple solution to avoid all this trouble - there is quick relief where the pests have already hit.  We use environmentally friendly products that are safe for your property, the environment, family, staff, customers & pets.